vintage Friday

01. umbrellas at the beach - 1950's
02. Denise Bellon, Henry Miller and Eve 1948
03. Edward Steichen, Blue sky, 1923
04. Strieglitz - Ellen Morton at lake George (1915)
05. unknown

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avalonne lou summers said...

Where do you find these amazing photos! So beautiful and inspirational! Are you having a good time? :)

Neon Gypsy said...

i love the photos! the last one is my favorite (:

ps i can't drink orange juice either (:

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i love these vintage photos so much!

i haven't had real milk in awhile either! don't miss it one bit!

klar said...

me too, re: moving out a month after graduating high school. I think moving out that young is a rite of passage/character developing, not sure that I would have had it any other way. I've never looked back since. How do you feel?

Also, if you haven't already, listen to Leonard Cohen's 'Famous Blue Raincoat.' x

tara-lynn said...

is that henry miller on the beach?

DalenaVintage said...

Love the collection of photos! I lost my desire for real milk about three years ago too. Now I can't imagine drinking a full glass...Ugh!

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