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Nicole said...


Please come home soon.


Nicole said...

Oh yeah. I want to change the name of my blog, because I've realized I don't write about him anymore. But I can't think of anything. :( I was just letting you know. ;)

Nicole said...

They don't have to be tennis shoes, they just need to be fully closed toe shoes due to infection control and safety issues. I've seen nurses wear those awful crocs, and I'm not saying they're awful because of the way they look, but personally they give me no arch or back support whatsoever. I've also seen a lot of nurses wear these funky looking clogs. I asked about them and they said they are awesome, but I have personally stuck to tennis shoes. I used to wear Nike and swear by it but when I started doing twelve hour shifts in February of last year I quickly learned that Nike is not nice to people who have flat feet, and I have some seriously flat feet. I started having sciatic nerve problems and lower back pain so I switched to new balance. THEY ARE AWESOME. They give me great heel support which is needed for my back and arch support so that my knees don't hurt. I also put a gel in-sole with added back support, and I can work 12 to 14 hours without a single complaint.

If you were here I'd make you go shopping with me tomorrow. I'd love to wait until you got back, but during orientation we have to wear business casual, and orientation is 8 hours a day. I DO NOT want to wear heels this long, so I need black flats ASAP. I had to finally throw my old pair away, I loved them but they were nasty.

Why is it that everytime I write you, text, email, or comment it is always so long? I'm sorry. =/ <3

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