r. rauschenberg

We [Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns) were the only people who were not intoxicated with the Abstract Expressionists. We weren't against them at all, but neither one of us was interested in taking that stance. I think both of us felt there was too much exaggerated emotionalism around their art... My first break was that nobody took me seriously, even though I hung out at the Cedar Tavern, and drove Franz Kline home when he was too drunk. Jasper wasn't taken seriously either, and I was considered a clown.

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mrl said...

hello, I've been following your blog for a little while now (I should actually become a member, shouldn't I?), and I absolutely love it. it's always a pleasure to see beautiful images that aren't filled with artifice, and still provoke something amazing.

I comment on this post because this first photo is absolutely mind-blowing. I have posted it on my blog and put a link back to you! I hope that's ok with you.

Please continue!


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