Miuccia Prada on Dating, Women, Clothes and Purpose

GQ: You know that show Sex and the City?

MP: Embarrassing! I was thinking New York is like that. I have the impression that the people are like that—the women, the bitchiness.

GQ: The thing is, too many women see that show and they think that’s how their life should be. Rather than create their life, they imitate a stupid show. And that’s the worst thing you can do. Right?

MP: Oh no, it’s terrible. Also the way of total and sure unhappiness. It’s what I say all the time to my girls in the office here: The more they dress for sex, the less they will have love or sex. These girls throw away so much energy in this search for beauty and sexiness. I think that the old rules were much more clever and better than the rules now. The trouble is, most people are not so generous. Everybody wants love for themselves. I hear this all the time from the women I work with. I hear them say, “I want, I want.” I never hear them saying what they want to give.

GQ: Do you tell them that?

MP: Yes, of course. They don’t listen. With women, the more unhappy they are, the more undressed they are. This is true. Dignity’s another very important part of this. Sex and the City is the opposite of dignity. You have to have dignity for your body—this is with men and women. You need to have dignity towards how you are, how you dress, how you behave. Very important. Men are always much more dignified than most women.

GQ: Why are you so insecure, Miuccia?

MP: For many years, I thought my work was so…not stupid, but I had the sense it was not real. I am trying to get past this feeling. You want some more champagne?

GQ: Yes, I would.

MP: Good. I need some. I respect my work. But also I think it’s very superficial. So that’s why we are doing all these other activities, because I’m a moralistic person in the end. But I am in a key moment. I kind of understand that I have to use my work more completely without being ashamed. [raises her glass] Chin-chin, yes?


GQ: I believe in uniforms—finding a look you like and sticking to it.

MP: I love uniforms because they allow you to hide. No one knows what you are thinking, so it’s a very appropriate and correct way to be yourself.
I just fell in love with this woman.
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