Nice selection of basics from Lark. Lark sells both clothing for men and women as well as accessories. I especially think that black bag by Tannis Hagan is beautiful.

"Lark is a clothing store for men and women that is run by people with a mad passion for quality, history and the desire to live well. The shop is not only about brands, but also about the carefully curated Lark aesthetic."

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Starr Crow said...

so much to love about this collection! i may post about them on my blog, and i'll definitely link back to you if i do.

Joanna M said...

I love, love Lark! It's so funny i made a post coveting the same bag!
Such a good blog you have!

Jodes said...

wow, so so lovely!
i love companies that have a specific vision and aesthetic.
thanks for sharing!


avalonne lou summers said...

I love all of these. I wish I could buy all of them!!! You have the prettiest photos on your blog, Kristen!!! :) It's always such a treat to visit your blog!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh man, that bag is perfection. I've seen it posted in brown, but I think I love the black more... it reminds me of my dad's old camera bag. And those Alexander Olch bowties! Makes me never want to make a bowtie or tie again, because they are too good.

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