ten days

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Diane said...

Initially I was lamentably missing your personal entries from Textorial, I have very quickly embraced Silk and Saffron. In a way, your posts are still very personal, in the "a-picture-says-a-thousand-words" kind of way, which I quite like.

Lilly said...

Lovely photography Kristen...what kind of camera did you use of these? x

K. said...

Diane - I've been missing that too but lately I am trying to refocus my life. I am still learning a lot about people, still learning a lot about myself. I think when I am ready to be open again, I will be. Soon, I hope.

Lilly - thank you so much for the compliment. The photographs were taken by a Samsun TL 220 which is the new dual screen digital camera. I received it for Christmas and I've been really impressed with the quality of the shots. I still love my Nikon D80 but it's nice to have a small and compact camera that does not seem so obtrusive.

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